Andretti Global Eyeing NXT Talents for IndyCar Openings

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    Andretti Global’s Chief Operating Officer, Rob Edwards, believes the team’s British Indy NXT driver Louis Foster is “100% deserving” of an IndyCar call-up for the 2024 season. Edwards also suggested that Jamie Chadwick, the three-time W Series champion, could make the step up to the top-tier series, though he noted that mirroring Foster’s decision to add another year of NXT experience could prove worthwhile for her career.

    Foster, who currently leads the Indy NXT championship by 41 points over Jacob Able, has won four of the last six races. His impressive performances, coupled with his development over the past year and a half, have convinced Edwards that he is ready for the next challenge in IndyCar. “For me, he is 100% deserving of getting an opportunity next year,” Edwards said.

    Regarding Chadwick, Edwards praised her progress this season, particularly her standout win at Road America and her impressive drive at Laguna Seca, where she battled from 14th to sixth. “In her case, there is a lot of momentum there. I’m sure there’ll be a push and opportunities to do IndyCar next year,” Edwards said. However, he suggested that another year in Indy NXT could also be beneficial for Chadwick’s long-term success in IndyCar.

    Andretti Global’s focus on developing young talent is evident in their approach to their Indy NXT program. Edwards stated that the team’s goal is to help their NXT drivers find the right opportunities, whether it’s within Andretti Global or elsewhere. “What we’ve tried to do with Indy NXT drivers is if we had a home for them, like Kyle or Colton, then that’s great and proof of the system working, but if we don’t have a home for them then we think it’s part of someone being an Indy NXT driver for our team to help them find the right opportunity,” he explained.

    As Andretti Global continues to refine its IndyCar operation, the team’s commitment to nurturing its young talents, such as Foster and Chadwick, could prove pivotal in shaping the future of the sport.

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