In the thrilling world of the Dakar Rally, Mercedes has revealed the reasons behind their decision to retire George Russell’s car during the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The team’s Trackside Engineering Director, Andrew Shovlin, disclosed that the retirement was a preventative measure to avoid further damage to Russell’s power unit, despite the young Briton running in a strong fourth position at the time.

Red Bull and renowned Formula 1 designer Adrian Newey have pulled the wraps off the stunning RB17 hypercar, delivering a 1000hp, naturally aspirated V10 beast that promises to captivate motorsport enthusiasts. With a focus on performance and an iconic sound, the RB17 is set to become a collector’s item, but could also make waves on the racing circuit.

In a statement ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, Mercedes driver George Russell has expressed his belief that the Formula 1 wind tunnel time allocation system should be based on the points scored by each team rather than their final position in the Constructors’ standings. Russell argues that this approach would more accurately reflect the performance gap between the teams and allow those falling behind to catch up more quickly, potentially tightening the F1 field.

Andretti Global is eyeing its Indy NXT talents, including Louis Foster and Jamie Chadwick, for potential IndyCar opportunities in 2024. The team’s COO, Rob Edwards, believes both drivers are ready to make the leap to the top-tier series, though he suggests another year of NXT experience could also benefit Chadwick’s long-term success.

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll has revealed that the team’s regression in Formula 1 over the last 12 months is due to an incorrect development path they had taken. Despite emerging as Red Bull’s closest challenger early on, Aston Martin has slipped down the championship order as their rivals have continued to progress. Stroll remains optimistic that the team will use these harsh lessons to come back stronger in the Dakar Rally, as they work to correct their course and regain their position as a top contender.


M-Sport, the renowned rally car manufacturer, is hopeful that the impressive debut of its non-hybrid version of the Ford Puma World Rally Championship (WRC) car will help stimulate sales of its Rally1 vehicles. Rising star Martins Sesks put in an eye-catching performance in the non-hybrid Puma, finishing fifth overall and winning a stage, showcasing the car’s competitiveness despite the lack of a hybrid system.