Dakar Rally: Czech Stunt Rider Adam “Special” Peschel Set to Make Debut in 2025

    In a thrilling announcement made during the 2025 Dakar Rally presentation in Prague, renowned Czech stunt rider Adam “Special” Peschel revealed his plans to make his Dakar debut next year. Peschel, who has carved a name for himself as one of the top motorcycle stunt performers in Europe, will be riding a Husqvarna 450 Rally in the Rally2 category under the Fesh Fesh Team banner.

    Peschel’s Stunt Riding Journey

    Peschel’s stunt riding journey began at the young age of 15 in 2005. After securing three consecutive runner-up finishes in the Czech stunt riding championship from 2012 to 2014, he decided to pursue stunt riding full-time in 2014. He now oversees the acclaimed Kaskadérská Moto Show, which has thrilled audiences across Europe, as well as in countries like China and Brazil. In 2012, Peschel founded the first stunt school in the Czech Republic, further cementing his reputation as a pioneer in the field.

    Beyond his stunt work, Peschel is a seasoned motorcycle instructor who leads the Motofitness program and serves as a driving teacher at the Brno Circuit.

    Peschel’s Dakar Debut Preparation

    This will not be Peschel’s first encounter with the Dakar Rally. In 2023, he accompanied one of the Fesh Fesh Team’s assistance vehicles, supporting the Tatra Jamal of Tomáš Vrátný, who finished ninth in the Truck category.

    “Stuntriding is about motivation and hard work. I’ve been doing it for twenty years and even though I spend most of my time on a road bike on roads or circuits, the off-road Dakar Rally in the motorcycle category has always fascinated me with its demands on riding, physical and mental endurance and I wanted to try it,” Peschel stated.

    Peschel’s preparation for the 2025 Dakar Rally has been underway since 2023, when he decided to make the leap from stunt riding to rally raid. This year, he plans to compete in rallies in Romania and Morocco, including the W2RC’s Rallye du Maroc, to hone his off-road skills and bolster his chances of being selected for the Dakar.

    “I’m glad that Adam has decided to go for it and that we can provide him with the support and management,” Vrátný, Peschel’s teammate, said. “Adam is an incredibly hard worker, a huge worker and a heartthreat. Even though bikers have a completely different regimen at Dakar than truckers, I think this collaboration will work. He still has a lot of work to do this year, especially riding, and I firmly believe that he will be able to get to the start of the Dakar Rally.”

    The registration for the 2025 Dakar Rally opened in May and will run through September, with the Amaury Sport Organisation set to begin selecting riders on July 15th. Peschel’s participation in the upcoming rallies will be crucial in securing his spot on the starting grid in Bisha, Saudi Arabia, on January 3rd, 2025.

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