Dakar Rally: McLaren Reveals Tactical Misstep that Cost Norris a Potential Win at British GP

    Silverstone, [Current Date] – In a post-race analysis, the McLaren team has revealed that Mercedes’ decision to run the Soft tire for the final stint at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix duped the team into a call that ultimately cost Lando Norris a potential victory.

    Norris was leading the race comfortably when McLaren responded a lap later than Mercedes to switch to the slick tires. This allowed Lewis Hamilton to get ahead of the young Briton. Despite Norris’ best efforts, he was unable to regain the lost ground, with his Soft tires degrading in the final laps, causing him to slip behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

    While Norris acknowledged that he contributed to the team’s decision-making, McLaren boss Andrea Stella insisted that the responsibility for the errors made during the tyre compound selection and the timing of the pit stop call rested solely with the team.

    “Definitely the fact that Lewis went on Soft is one of the disturbing factors towards the fact that we actually were going on Medium, if makes sense,” Stella said. “I think there the bet was will the Soft make it to the end and how much gap will the Soft gain at the start in transition compared to going there on Medium?”

    Stella acknowledged that the team should have shown more conviction and overruled Norris’ desire to move onto the Softs, as the Medium compound would have been the better choice.

    “It’s 100 per cent my responsibility and the people, the driver kind of gives his point of view that is a point of view,” Stella said. “And in that case, it should have been the people to make a call saying we go Medium because the Soft may not make it to the end.”

    The revelation of this tactical misstep will undoubtedly be a learning experience for the McLaren team as they continue to pursue success in the Dakar Rally and other prominent motorsport events.

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