Dakar Rally News: Mission 44 Partners with Formula 1 to Drive Diversity in Motorsport

    In a significant move for the motorsport industry, Lewis Hamilton’s charity, Mission 44, has officially joined forces with Formula 1 to improve greater representation, diversity, and inclusion in the sport.

    The partnership was announced ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix, where students from the Formula 1 Engineering and Mission 44 MSc Motorsport Engineering scholarship programmes will come together for a networking event.

    Mission 44, which was established in 2021 with the aim of creating a fairer and more inclusive future for young people worldwide, has now become the latest charity to be “officially supported by Formula 1”. Both organizations are committed to providing crucial financial and career support to students from underrepresented backgrounds.

    “Together with Formula 1, we will be able to increase awareness and access to motorsport career opportunities, so young people, no matter their background, can succeed. Change requires collective action, and we’re excited to grow our partnership with Formula 1 to drive diversity in motorsport forward.”

    Jason Arthur, CEO of Mission 44

    Ellen Jones, Head of ESG at Formula 1, echoed the sentiment, stating, “We look forward to working with Mission 44 in this new capacity and seeing how many doors we can open together to inspire the next generation.”

    This collaboration comes at a crucial time for the sport, as the Formula 1 calendar continues to expand, with new races scheduled in Miami, Austin, Las Vegas, and Brazil. The partnership between Mission 44 and Formula 1 aims to ensure that the next generation of STEM leaders in motorsport reflects the diversity of the global audience.

    Earlier this year, Mission 44 Chief Growth Officer, Jamie Elfenbein, highlighted the charity’s efforts to support the Formula 1 Academy and the Miami Grand Prix, reaching over 300,000 young individuals across the United Kingdom. With the backing of Formula 1, Mission 44 plans to extend its reach and continue transforming the landscape of motorsport.

    This strategic alliance between Mission 44 and Formula 1 represents a significant step forward in promoting diversity and inclusion within the sport, aligning with the industry’s commitment to fostering a more equitable and representative future.

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