Porsche Dakar Rally Revamps Wheel Rims for Improved Reliability

    Porsche Motorsport has announced a significant change in its wheel rim supplier for the upcoming Dakar Rally. The German manufacturer has ditched the problematic wheel rims supplied by Rimstock, which filed for bankruptcy last year, in favor of products from the renowned German auto parts maker BBS.

    This decision was not taken lightly, as Porsche’s Andreas Roos, the head of Porsche Motorsport, revealed that the “technical anomalies and problems” experienced with the Rimstock wheel rims at the beginning of 2023 were a key factor in the move to BBS.

    “The current rim that we are driving everywhere this year is based on it,” explained Roos. “It has been further developed in order to be able to bring a very good product onto the market with BBS.”

    Porsche is confident that the potential rim cracks, which first appeared during the testing phase in 2021 but seemed to be under control, are now a thing of the past. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t bring a new rim into the field,” Roos stated.

    The change to the BBS wheel rims required a post-homologation change with the FIA, which is now a common practice in Dakar Rally competition. Additionally, the wheel mounts had to be adapted to accommodate the new rims.

    This move is a relief for Porsche’s customer teams, who had been forced to undergo rigorous testing processes on race weekends to address the defective Rimstock rims. They have praised Porsche for its quick reaction and its ability to find a solution in such a short timeframe, especially with the 911 Dakar being a popular choice among competitors.

    As the Dakar Rally approaches, Porsche’s decision to partner with BBS for its wheel rims showcases the brand’s commitment to providing reliable and high-performance equipment to its customers, ensuring a safer and more successful outing in the grueling desert competition.

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