Thierry Neuville Hopeful for Hyundai Contract Renewal Talks Amid WRC Development Plans

    (Car Racing News) – Thierry Neuville, the current WRC points leader, is hopeful that contract renewal talks with Hyundai can begin soon once the manufacturer’s plan to utilize its development jokers for its World Rally Championship (WRC) car is confirmed.

    Neuville, who has been with the South Korean marque for 11 years, is in the final year of his current contract. The Belgian driver has previously expressed a desire to continue competing in the WRC’s top tier, although he admitted earlier this year that his future was threatened by the uncertainty over the championship’s mooted technical regulation changes for next year, which had prompted doubts over Hyundai’s participation.

    “I have no confirmation about anything yet,” Neuville told Autosport, “but I knew that the decision from the World Motor Sport Council and the application of the current jokers and future jokers were very important, and I know that has been all worked out in a good way.”

    Hyundai is hoping to use two years’ worth of jokers to improve its i20 N after being forced to cancel the development of a new car due to the uncertainty in technical regulations. Neuville is relieved that the World Motor Sport Council decided to uphold the request of the manufacturers to retain the current Rally1 and Rally2 technical regulations until the end of 2026, a move that he believes will secure the participation of the current manufacturers and improve the promotion and evolution of the championship.

    “It is a big relief,” Neuville added. “I believe there are four manufacturers that are relieved as well, as they all requested [for the rules to stay the same]. I think that is important. There was more of a need to secure the current manufacturers for the upcoming two seasons than changing the rules with no confirmation of any new manufacturer.”

    With the FIA’s decision and the WRC Promoter’s roadmap to improve the promotion of the championship, Neuville is hopeful that contract renewal talks with Hyundai will start “very soon” once the manufacturer’s development joker plan is confirmed.

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