FIA WEC to Showcase Power Balance Adjustments Ahead of Interlagos

    In a move to ensure a level playing field, the organizers of the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) have announced key adjustments to the Balance of Performance (BoP) ahead of the upcoming Interlagos round this weekend.

    Ferrari, the reigning Le Mans 24 Hours champions, have been granted a significant boost in engine power for the Brazilian event. The Italian manufacturer’s 499P Hypercar will now enjoy a 1.8% increase in maximum power output above 250km/h (155mph), a notable reversal from the 1.7% reduction it had faced at the prestigious Le Mans race last month.

    The technical director of Ferrari, Ferdinando Cannizzo, had previously expressed concerns about the impact of the power reduction on the 499P’s raceability, highlighting that the car spends a significant 45% of the time at Le Mans above the 250km/h threshold. With the power gain restored for Interlagos, the Italian team will be looking to capitalize on the enhanced performance of their WEC challenger.

    Alongside the power adjustment, the minimum weight of the Ferrari 499P has also been increased from 1043kg to 1060kg for the Sao Paulo 6 Hours. However, these figures largely align with the specifications seen at the Spa round of the WEC in May, as the Le Mans BoP is considered a unique case due to the circuit’s distinctive characteristics.

    Other notable BoP changes include:

    • A 14kg weight increase for the Porsche 963 LMDh
    • A 14kg weight decrease for the Peugeot 9X8 2024 LMH
    • A 30kg weight break for the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6 Competitizone LMH
    • A 4kg reduction in weight and a 9kW power reduction for the Toyota GR010 HYBRID LMH, with a 2.8% adjustment under power gain

    The FIA WEC calendar continues to evolve, with the Interlagos 6 Hours serving as the fifth round of the 2023 season. Fans and enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting showdown as the Hypercars battle for supremacy on the iconic Brazilian circuit.

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