British GT News: Pourchaire Targeted with Abuse by Canapino Fans After Detroit Incident

    The aftermath of the recent Detroit Grand Prix has seen an unfortunate display of online abuse directed at Theo Pourchaire, driver for the Aston Martin Racing team in the British GT Championship. The incident occurred during a restart on lap 60, where Pourchaire misjudged his braking zone and collided with Juncos Hollinger Racing’s Agustin Canapino, resulting in the Argentinian driver losing several positions.

    In the wake of the incident, Canapino’s fans from Argentina have been making threats against Pourchaire, prompting a joint statement from Arrow McLaren and Juncos Hollinger Racing denouncing the behavior. The statement emphasizes the importance of respect and civility in online interactions, and that the teams will not tolerate any form of abuse or discrimination.

    “The past 24 hours have unfortunately provided our teams with a stark reminder about the necessity for respect and civility in our online interactions,” the statement read. “Social media allows us to engage with our fans around the world, but it is important that we interact with each other in a respectful and safe environment.”

    This is not the first time Canapino’s fans have targeted other drivers involved in on-track incidents with the Argentine driver. Last year, when Canapino was a rookie in the British GT Championship, his fans attacked Callum Ilott over separate incidents, leading to statements from the teams and the series organizers.

    Pourchaire, who currently sits third in the British GT Championship standings, has expressed his dismay over the abuse he has received.

    “I’m sad I received so much hate and death threats in the last 24 hours for such a small incident in the Detroit GP,” he wrote on social media. “I hope people can understand that we are all humans and we can make mistakes. But it’s not normal to abuse people online..Please be kind to each other.”

    The British GT Championship has been known for its close and competitive racing, but this incident serves as a reminder that civility and respect should extend beyond the track and into the online interactions between fans and drivers. The series and its teams will continue to address such behavior and ensure a welcoming environment for all involved.

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