Expanded Eligibility for Dakar Classic: Opening the Doors for Nissan Navara and Bowler Wildcat in 2025

    In a significant development for the Dakar Classic, the Amaury Sport Organisation has announced that the range of eligible vehicles for the 2025 edition of the iconic rally has been expanded. During the 2025 Dakar Rally presentation on Saturday, it was revealed that cars and trucks built between 2000 and 2005 will now be allowed to compete in the Dakar Classic.

    Previously, the Dakar Classic had only permitted vehicles from the inaugural Paris-Dakar Rally in 1979 up to 1999. This expansion of the eligibility criteria has added 46 new models to the list, bringing the total number of eligible vehicles to 408.

    Among the notable additions are the Bowler Wildcat and the BMW X5, both of which were highly successful in the early 2000s. Additionally, the Nissan Navara, a popular choice for Dakar enthusiasts, has now been included in the eligible vehicle list. The OSCar, the first electric vehicle to complete the Dakar Rally in 2012, has also been granted permission to compete in the Dakar Classic.

    “The 2025 Dakar Classic and Rally are scheduled to take place from January 3rd to January 17th. Defending champions Carlos Santaolalla and his Toyota Land Cruiser will be looking to defend their title against the new wave of competitors. The expanded list of eligible vehicles is sure to add an extra layer of excitement and diversity to the Dakar Classic.”

    Enthusiasts of the Dakar Rally and classic off-road racing now have the opportunity to take on the ultimate challenge in their beloved Nissan Navara or Bowler Wildcat. The 2025 Dakar Classic promises to be a thrilling event, showcasing the evolution of Dakar vehicles over the years.

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