Dakar Rally News: Max Verstappen Weighs In on Track Limits at Red Bull Ring

    In the lead-up to the upcoming Dakar Rally event, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has shared his thoughts on the track limits issues at the Formula 1 Red Bull Ring circuit in Austria. The venue is set to host the next round of the Dakar Rally, and Verstappen’s insights provide valuable perspectives for competitors.

    Verstappen acknowledged the challenges posed by the circuit’s layout, stating, “It’s a great track to drive, and I always enjoy it a lot, especially the high-speed corners. But, of course, with the run-offs naturally behind it, we’re always talking about track limits.

    The Dutchman explained that the overheating of tires can cause drivers to understeer wide, leading to track limit infringements. “Sometimes it happens already on the entry of the corner that the outcome on the exit is one or a few millimetres, which then gives you a track penalty,” he said.

    In an effort to address these concerns, the organizers have installed new gravel traps at turns 9 and 10, while also narrowing the kerbing at turn 4 to reduce the run-off area before the gravel. Verstappen expressed cautious optimism about the changes, saying, “I just hope maybe with the gravel, it will stop that a little bit. I mean, naturally, you have to be a bit more careful and be a bit more precise.

    However, the Dutchman acknowledged that there is no “clear solution” to the track limits issue, highlighting the complexity of the problem. “We’ll see if it’s the right way. I mean, we’ll also try it. I think no one has a clear solution at the moment for what is best,” he said.

    Other Dakar Rally competitors, such as Yuki Tsunoda and Charles Leclerc, also weighed in on the changes, with Tsunoda believing the gravel modifications are “a good modification,” while Leclerc noted that “on paper, it looks positive.

    As the Dakar Rally approaches, Verstappen’s insights provide valuable context for competitors navigating the challenges of the Red Bull Ring circuit. The new gravel traps and kerbing changes aim to address the persistent track limits issues, but as Verstappen expressed, the search for a definitive solution remains ongoing.

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