Dakar Rally News: FIA Introduces Innovative Kerb and Gravel Trap Solution at Red Bull Ring

    In a move that could have far-reaching implications for motorsports, the FIA has introduced a new kerb and gravel trap solution at the Red Bull Ring that could become the blueprint for addressing track limit issues across the Dakar Rally and other off-road racing events.

    The Key to the Solution

    The key to the solution lies in the revised width of the kerbs, which have been narrowed to just 1.5 meters in front of the gravel traps. This ensures that any car, whether it’s a Dakar raider or a Formula 1 machine, will be unable to venture beyond the white line without immediately encountering the gravel, effectively preventing them from gaining an advantage.

    Additionally, the FIA has introduced a blue line to provide a clear visual reference for video analysis, addressing the past challenges in distinguishing the white line from the kerbs.

    “It is what we think is the perfect set-up,” Wittich said. “The drivers so far, the feedback we have had from them, has been positive. That’s because, in the end, it ends all discussions about if drivers gain time or don’t gain time. I’m positive that there will not be any track limits problems.”

    Expanding the Solution

    The solution has been implemented not only at the final sequence of corners at the Red Bull Ring but also at Turns 4, 6, and 8, where the white lines have been moved to create a 1.8-meter kerb width before the gravel trap. At Turns 1 and 3, the FIA has opted to retain sausage kerbs on the exit to provide better guidance for drivers.

    Wittich expressed the hope that this innovative approach could be adopted across other Dakar Rally and off-road racing venues, particularly those that also host motorcycle events, as the solution is designed to work seamlessly for both cars and bikes.

    “We hope that in the close future, this is something that is good for bikes and for cars,” he said. “This will make it easy for the track to keep that set up.”

    A Step Forward in Fairness and Consistency

    The introduction of this kerb and gravel trap solution at the Red Bull Ring marks a significant step forward in the FIA’s efforts to address track limit issues, and it could pave the way for a new era of fairness and consistency in Dakar Rally and other off-road racing competitions.

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