Dakar Rally News: Greaves Overcomes Thomas to Clinch Brush Run Chairman’s Cup

    Crandon, Wisconsin (June 25, 2023) – In a thrilling Dakar-style showdown at the Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run, C.J. Greaves emerged victorious, clinching his third consecutive Chairman’s Cup title at the renowned off-road racing event.

    The Pro 4 of Greaves gradually worked his way through the field, ultimately finding a decisive run down the straightaway on the final lap to overtake the leading Pro 2 of Mickey Thomas and secure the win. The victory marked Greaves’ third straight triumph in the Brush Run, besting Thomas, who had led much of the race despite his truck shedding bodywork like a snake shedding its skin.

    “I just tried to hit all my marks, stay clean, get through the Pro 2s the best I could, and put on a little bit of a race at the end there,” Greaves said. “I knew he was going to run me clean, so I gave him some room in the gravel pit and then he slide-jobbed me over here, and we had some fun with it.”

    The performance disparity between the two- and four-wheel-drive trucks resulted in the Pro 2 trucks receiving a roughly 33-second head start. Thomas capitalized on this advantage, quickly pulling away from the field, but Greaves gradually reeled him in, setting the stage for a thrilling final-lap duel.

    “I was trying to make it not too easy on him,” Thomas commented. “We got a great start. I was just trying to hit my marks and I was putting down some good times. I blew my hood off, I guess I just knocked it off on a jump, and that wasn’t working in my favor, so I lost a little bit there. Other than that, we were able to put a great race together. Got me right at the end, so it was a good show probably.”

    Greaves’ father, Johnny Greaves, followed his son to the podium, finishing third after struggling to get past the Pro 2 trucks. The elder Greaves had missed the 2023 edition due to injuries sustained at Antigo, but his return to the podium was a testament to the family’s dominance in the world of Dakar-inspired off-road racing.

    The Brush Run event, a staple of the Dakar-style racing calendar, saw a mix of dramatic retirements and impressive performances, with the younger Greaves and Mickey Thomas delivering a thrilling finale that captivated the enthusiastic crowd.

    As the 2023 Dakar Rally season continues to unfold, the Brush Run Chairman’s Cup victory solidifies C.J. Greaves’ standing as a force to be reckoned with in the world of off-road racing. Fans of the Dakar-inspired sport can look forward to more exhilarating battles between the top contenders in the months to come.

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