British GT News: Mercedes Regains Winning Form at Silverstone

    (Silverstone) – In a thrilling turn of events, Mercedes has re-established itself as a dominant force in the world of British GT racing. Lewis Hamilton’s recent victory at the British Grand Prix has proven that the Mercedes W15 is once again a force to be reckoned with on the track.

    According to team boss Toto Wolff, the key breakthrough for Mercedes was not the introduction of a new aero component, but rather the team’s ability to optimize the car’s balance.

    “There was a moment where, led by James [Allison], suddenly the data made sense. The way we made it, the way we balanced the car and how we could bring it in a better sweet spot – that was the main thing,” Wolff explained.

    The team’s technical director, James Allison, has played a crucial role in this resurgence, as he has been able to harness the package and achieve the perfect balance for both Hamilton and his teammate, George Russell. This balance has been the driving force behind Mercedes’ improved performance, with the W15 now appearing more responsive across a range of conditions and downforce levels.

    One intriguing aspect of the team’s progress is the subtle modification to the car’s vanity panel, which features a new bulge. While Mercedes claims this change is solely for cooling purposes, a deeper analysis suggests there may be more to the story. The bulge could be indicative of a revised damper layout, which could be crucial in helping Mercedes achieve the stability and balance they have been pursuing.

    As the British GT season continues, all eyes will be on the Mercedes team to see if they can maintain their newfound momentum and challenge for more victories. With the team’s depth of technical expertise and the drivers’ unwavering skill, the future looks bright for the Silver Arrows in the world of British GT racing.

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