Dakar Rally News: Red Bull Accuses Rivals of Illegal Front Wing Flexing

    In a recent development in the world of motorsports, Red Bull has openly accused both McLaren and Ferrari of running Formula 1 front wings that flex beyond the limits imposed by the FIA. This allegation threatens to spark a new controversy in the high-stakes world of Dakar Rally racing.

    According to a report from the German publication Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull is “more openly” pointing “the finger” at the front wing designs of its competitors, suggesting they may be in violation of the regulations. The article states that Mercedes also suspects something is amiss with the front wings, but has chosen not to protest and instead focus on its own development.

    “If this is further tolerated, we have to go the same way,” AMuS quoted Red Bull, indicating the team’s willingness to take similar measures to gain an edge.

    AMuS further claims that Mercedes’ new front wing belongs to the “legally bent” front wings group, which could be a key factor in the German squad’s strong recent performance at the Dakar Rally. The publication also suggests that this development has not only resulted in a pure performance gain but has also improved the overall balance of the car and driver confidence.

    The front wing controversy is not new to the world of Dakar Rally racing. In the past, teams have been accused of pushing the boundaries of the regulations, with Aston Martin reportedly being forced to change its front wing design last season due to FIA concerns about it being against the spirit of the rule.

    As the Dakar Rally season continues to unfold, this latest development is sure to add an extra layer of intrigue and tension to the competition. Fans and enthusiasts of the sport will be closely watching to see how this situation unfolds and whether any formal protests or actions are taken by the teams involved.

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