Dakar Rally: DS Penske Drivers Deliver Impressive Performances in Formula E E-Prix

    In the latest Formula E E-Prix, DS Penske drivers Jean-Éric Vergne and Stoffel Vandoorne put on a thrilling display, showcasing their skills and the competitiveness of the DS E-TENSE FE23 cars.

    Qualifying and Practice Sessions

    After securing pole position on Saturday, Vergne was determined to replicate his success on Sunday. Meanwhile, Vandoorne, who had also qualified for the quarter-finals the previous day, had a clear objective of making an impact in the race.

    Both drivers achieved their goals, with Vandoorme narrowly missing out on pole position by just one thousandth of a second behind Jake Hughes’ McLaren. Vandoorne started the race from second position, while Vergne, who missed the quarter-finals by a mere 13 thousandths of a second, lined up in ninth on the grid.

    During the third free practice session, the two DS E-TENSE FE23 cars strategically and cautiously positioned themselves in the top 10, aiming to assess the evolution of the track conditions as the heat and humidity remained high.

    The Race

    In the race, Vandoorne made a perfect start and took the lead. However, he had to manage his energy consumption carefully to ensure he had enough power for the second half of the race. The various competitors were less hesitant to engage in battles, leading to plenty of contact throughout the event.

    Vergne hovered between fifth and 10th place, while Vandoorne remained in the top three, showcasing his energy-saving skills. As the race progressed, it became evident that Vergne had 1.2 kWh more battery power than the race leader. Vandoorme’s time at the front had cost him in terms of energy, but his ability to stay with the pack allowed him to recover some of his performance potential.

    Unfortunately, Vergne suffered a setback when his front wing was ripped apart in an unintentional incident. Despite this, both DS Penske drivers maintained their composure and finished sixth and seventh, respectively, behind Porsche, McLaren, and Jaguar.

    “This double-points finish fulfills the original ambitions of the Franco-American team in the highly competitive Formula E championship, keeping both Vergne and Vandoorne in the top 10 overall.”

    The Formula E series now takes a five-week break before heading to Portland, in the northwest of the United States, for another double-header event.

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