Haas Emerges as Midfield Contender After Double Points Finish at Austrian GP

    Nico Hulkenberg, a driver for Haas, has declared the team a “bonafide midfield outfit” after securing a double-points finish at the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix. Hulkenberg, who qualified in ninth position, finished the race in sixth place, while his teammate Kevin Magnussen finished eighth.

    “Double points for the team and in a big way, so didn’t expect that, obviously one car out or something but still, amazing team performance today and this weekend,” Hulkenberg said.

    He added, “I think it’s confirmed now that we’re midfield on all sorts of different tracks, we are competitive, we can fight everyone. That’s really great news and I’m very happy about that.

    The Haas team’s performance was aided by the misfortune of some of their rivals, but they nonetheless showcased genuine pace to pick up valuable points. Hulkenberg admitted it was a “touch and go” battle with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez in the closing stages, as he pushed hard to maintain his position.

    Magnussen, too, was delighted with the team’s performance, saying, “Couldn’t be happier, back in the game for P7 in the championship, and just great to be back.” He praised the team’s strategy and pit stops, adding, “Two good pit stops in the race, strategy spot-on, so couldn’t have asked for more.

    Haas’ 12-point haul in Austria has seen them reclaim seventh place in the Constructors’ standings, with 19 points so far this campaign. This puts them 10 points ahead of their rivals, Alpine, and serves as a testament to the hard work and progress the team has made this season.

    As the Formula 1 season continues, all eyes will be on Haas to see if they can maintain this midfield momentum and continue their fight for valuable championship points.

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