Lola Cars Confirms Commitment to Formula E’s Gen4 Era

    In a significant move for the world of car racing, the iconic British brand Lola Cars has announced its extended involvement in the all-electric Formula E championship.

    According to the news, Lola Cars, a renowned name in motorsport since its founding in 1958, had previously confirmed its participation in Formula E as a powertrain supplier starting from the 2024-25 season. However, the company has now revealed that it will be extending its commitment to the series for a further four years, ensuring its presence on the Formula E grid until at least 2030.

    “Formula E is an ideal platform for powertrain and software development that we can use for broader motorsport and automotive applications,” said Lola Cars motorsport director Mark Preston.

    This return to motorsport comes in partnership with the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha, which had earlier announced its own plans to make a comeback to four-wheel racing for the first time since 1997. The Lola Cars-Yamaha collaboration is poised to provide powertrain and software development that can be leveraged across various motorsport and automotive applications, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation in the electric vehicle space.

    Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds echoed the sentiment, highlighting Lola Cars’ historic return to top-tier motorsport and the significance of their extended commitment to the championship’s future. “Their trust in our series for their latest venture into electrification and innovation is testament to our ability to attract the biggest names in motorsport, as well as our joint ambition to continue to grow this championship,” Dodds said.

    The Lola Cars-Yamaha partnership is poised to make a formidable impact on the Formula E grid, with the iconic British brand’s return to the series set to bring a renewed sense of excitement and innovation to the all-electric championship.

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