British GT News: Ferrari Flirts with Formula E Involvement

    In a tantalizing development for British GT enthusiasts, FIA Formula E’s CEO Jeff Dodds has hinted at the possibility of discussions with Ferrari regarding the Italian marque’s potential entry into the all-electric racing series in the future.

    Dodds’ comments come as Ferrari prepares to launch its electrification plant next month, signaling the brand’s growing commitment to electric road vehicles. When questioned by about any talks with the prancing horse, Dodds responded coyly, saying “Maybe,” and suggesting that Ferrari’s involvement would “elevate the championship.”

    However, Ferrari has tempered the excitement somewhat, telling the same publication that the brand’s current focus remains on Formula 1 and endurance racing, with a recent announcement of a new sailing project further diversifying the company’s motorsport interests.

    “Maybe,” and suggesting that Ferrari’s involvement would “elevate the championship.”

    The likelihood of a Ferrari Formula E team lining up on the grid anytime soon remains uncertain, given the tight timeframe for manufacturers to confirm their participation in the upcoming GEN4 era. Additionally, with Ferrari’s electrification plant still in the launch phase, it may be premature to expect a full-fledged Formula E effort from the Maranello-based outfit.

    Nevertheless, the growing popularity of Formula E, even within the Formula 1 fraternity, could make it increasingly difficult for Ferrari to dismiss the series as a potential future venture. The recent addition of the McLaren brand to the Formula E grid has further strengthened the championship’s appeal, and the prospect of the iconic Ferrari name joining the electric racing ranks would undoubtedly “elevate the championship,” as Dodds suggests.

    As the world of motorsport continues to evolve, with a heightened focus on sustainability and electrification, the potential for a Ferrari Formula E team remains a tantalizing possibility that British GT enthusiasts will surely be keeping a close eye on in the years to come.

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