Dakar Rally News: Alpine F1 Team Holds Off Upgrades Till After Summer Break

    Enstone, [Current Date] – In a strategic move, the Alpine Formula 1 team has revealed that they will not be introducing any major upgrades to their A524 challenger until after the summer break, despite their rivals bringing substantial updates to this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

    Esteban Ocon, the French driver for the Alpine F1 Team, disclosed this information, stating, “We’re not going to have any updates until summer break, around the shutdown. Before or after, if I’m correct.” He added that the team will instead focus on maximizing the potential of the current car configuration.

    The Alpine A524 has struggled with an overweight and uncompetitive design, earning just five points from the opening nine races of the 2023 Formula 1 season. While the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya represents a more conventional track compared to recent venues, Ocon acknowledged that the team expects a tough weekend, especially if their rivals make significant strides.

    “We have to try and maximize the potential of the car that we have in hand,” Ocon said. “There’s always a few things coming. We have new pitstop equipment. We have a few lightweight things coming in the car. But nothing major.”

    The team did, however, capitalize on a chaotic race in mixed conditions at the Canadian Grand Prix two weeks ago, securing a double points finish and moving up to eighth place in the standings. Despite this, Ocon cautioned against claiming that the team has now understood its problems, stating, “We are moving forward. We are progressing. We are on top of things is a very strong statement. I don’t think we’re on top of things.”

    Ocon also revealed that the team-mate rotation policy will continue, with Pierre Gasly using the heavier chassis this weekend in Spain.

    As the Formula 1 circus heads to the Spanish Grand Prix, the Alpine F1 Team will be closely watched to see how their car performs on a more conventional circuit, while their rivals bring substantial upgrades to the table. The team’s decision to hold off on major upgrades until after the summer break could prove a risky strategy, but one they hope will pay dividends in the latter half of the season.

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