Ferrari Upgrades for Spanish Grand Prix

    Maranello – In a bid to keep pace with their Formula 1 rivals, Ferrari has fast-tracked a new upgrade package for the Spanish Grand Prix. The changes, which are an extension of the concept already applied to the SF-24 in Imola, aim to better extract performance from the airflow’s passage around the midsection of the car and its journey rearward.

    The team’s performance engineer, Jock Clear, explained that the updates are designed to make the car “a bit more benign and calm it down a bit,” focusing on increasing downforce and reducing drag for improved efficiency.

    The key changes include:

    • New bodywork in the front portion of the sidepod to better harness the newer P-shaped inlet arrangement
    • A redefined undercut that feeds back into the raised waist and beltline
    • The floor has undergone a raft of changes, with the floor fences adjusted to complement the lowering of the floor’s roof
    • The diffuser has been transformed
    • The team has further optimized the “Cobra” winglet mounted beside the rear leg of the safety structure
    • A new rear wing, with a revised tip section and endplate cutout to improve the role of the tip vortex in managing losses

    While Ferrari endured a disappointing time at the Spanish Grand Prix, the message from the Maranello squad was that this was not due to the new parts not working, but rather the car’s historical high-speed bouncing issues, which proved costly in the fast final sector of the lap.

    The team’s focus on making the car more “benign” and efficient, coupled with the new upgrades, reflects their ongoing efforts to keep pace with their rivals and challenge for success in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

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