Dakar Rally News: Red Bull’s Chassis Weaknesses Exposed at Bumpy Monte Carlo

    The challenging nature of the Monte Carlo circuit has highlighted some key weaknesses in Red Bull’s RB20 chassis, which could pose a concern for the team as the Formula 1 calendar heads to the notoriously bumpy Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

    Struggles on Bumpy Tracks

    “We have to wait and see [how we’ll perform in Canada], new surface as well I think, that might also give us some surprises,” Verstappen said. “[We’ll be weaker at] any track that is bumpy or has kerbs, or you have to ride a lot of kerbs, so the street circuits will probably be a little bit tricky.”

    Despite Verstappen’s concerns, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner expressed confidence in the team’s past performance at the Canadian venue, while acknowledging the increasing challenge from the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.

    Correlation Issue Between Simulator and Real-world Performance

    Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko shed light on the root of the team’s struggles on bumpy circuits, citing a correlation issue between the simulator and the real-world performance of the RB20 chassis.

    “The basic problem is not the tracks, but the fact that the correlation between the simulator and the track doesn’t work,” Marko explained. “We believe that when we get to real circuits like Barcelona, for example, we’ll find our way back to our old form.”

    As the Formula 1 circus heads to Canada, all eyes will be on how Red Bull navigates the challenges posed by the updated Circuit Gilles Villeneuve and whether they can maintain their position at the top of the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships.

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