Dakar Rally News: Formula 1 Shifts Pre-Season Testing to Bahrain for 2025

    (Dakar Rally News) – In a move that will excite motorsport enthusiasts, Formula 1 is set to host its official pre-season test in Bahrain again next year, despite the Sakhir circuit not holding the first race of the 2025 campaign.

    Since 2021, Bahrain has been the venue for the season-opening Grand Prix, but with the Australian Grand Prix reclaiming the coveted first race slot due to Ramadan, there was speculation about a potential change in the pre-season test location. However, sources have revealed that a majority of teams have voted in favor of sticking with Bahrain for the 2025 pre-season testing.

    The decision to maintain Bahrain as the pre-season testing ground is driven by the circuit’s ability to offer more typical F1 weather conditions, as well as the logistical advantages for teams to test and race at the same venue. The provisional plan is for the Bahrain test to take place from February 26-28, the latest possible date due to the expected start of Ramadan on the final day of that month.

    “While the move may be logistically complicated and more expensive for teams compared to a pre-season test in Barcelona, the benefits of guaranteed better weather conditions are expected to outweigh any risks.” – [Source]

    However, with all-new cars slated for 2026, the prospect of Barcelona hosting a test that year is extremely likely, as the late arrival of parts and production challenges may prove a step too far for teams to manage a Bahrain test.

    Motorsport enthusiasts can look forward to the continued excitement of Dakar Rally news and the latest developments in the world of Formula 1 as the sport prepares for the 2025 season.

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