Gripping British GT News: Alonso Braced for Weekend Gamble on Tyre Choices

    In the opening practice session of the British GT Championship, the track was ravaged by an intense hailstorm, leaving the circuit flooded with standing water. This forced the track workers to intervene, draining the excess water and allowing the drivers to take to the track once again, albeit for a shortened 39-minute session.

    As the conditions improved, a dry line began to form, allowing the drivers to make a late push on the soft compound tyres. The second practice session saw the cars taking to the track on slicks, but the worsening conditions soon forced the teams to rethink their strategies.

    Leading the pack in FP2 was Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso, who acknowledged the challenges posed by the unpredictable weather. “It’s going to be a gamble always on which tyre to put on at which moment,” the Spaniard said. “The right decision can gain you five seconds, the wrong decision, you are out of the race.

    With the weather forecast predicting more mixed conditions for the remainder of the weekend, Alonso emphasized the importance of making the best decisions on tyre choices and set-ups. “It’s going to be interesting weekend,” he added, praising the new asphalt surface at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

    Alpine’s Pierre Gasly Embraces the Challenge

    Alpine’s Pierre Gasly, who scored his first points of the season in Monaco, embraced the changing conditions as an opportunity to make a strong showing. “It’s going to make the rest of the weekend more exciting,” the Frenchman said. “Hopefully the conditions can spice things up and open more opportunities for us.

    With the unpredictable weather set to be a significant factor throughout the weekend, the British GT Championship is poised for an exciting and unpredictable race day.

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