Dynasties in Motorsport: The Hansen Family’s Racing Legacy

    The Hansen family has established a true dynasty in the world of motorsports, particularly in the realm of rallycross. Patriarch Kenneth Hansen, a 14-time European Rallycross Champion, and his wife Susann, the only female European champion in the Super 1600 category, have left an indelible mark on the sport.

    Now, their sons Timmy and Kevin Hansen are carrying on the family’s racing legacy, both as drivers and team principals. Timmy Hansen was the champion of the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship, while Kevin Hansen is one of the driving forces propelling the sport into an exciting new era.

    2023: A Momentous Year for Kevin Hansen

    2023 was a momentous year for Kevin Hansen, who finished second overall in the FIA WEC season and secured a superb victory in the Hong Kong round. Speaking from his office in Weybourne, the young Swedish superstar shared his thoughts on the future of the championship, which is set to undergo major changes in the coming years.

    “It was really fun to have equal machinery in 2023,” said Hansen. “We’ve not seen that ever before in the World Rallycross Championship, and it was very interesting to see how much the car can influence performance. We had two new winners from the last two weekends, and I really enjoyed the challenge of the tight racing.”

    The “Battle of Technologies” in 2024

    The introduction of the “Battle of Technologies” concept for the 2024 season has Kevin Hansen particularly excited. The new regulations will allow for a diverse range of powertrain technologies, including electric, sustainable fuels, and hybrid systems, to compete against each other.

    “It’s going to be very fun,” he explained. “When you put everything into a world championship, everything becomes even sharper and more exciting. With the Equalisation of Technologies (EOT), we will see the strength of the electric power, but also the weaknesses of it being a bit heavier. The petrol cars will be a bit lighter and sharper under braking, so it will be fascinating to see what comes out on top.”

    Potential City Centre Circuit in Coventry

    Visiting the MotoFest Coventry earlier this year, Hansen and the Hansen World RX Team were scouting a potential new city centre circuit for the FIA WEC, further highlighting the series’ commitment to bringing the excitement of motorsport to the people.

    “Coventry has a lot of history of motorsport and the motor industry,” said Hansen. “For a WEC championship that is sustainable and transforming its way, promoting new cars and technology, that’s a very important message. The track design we’ve come up with is absolutely fantastic, and I can really picture the event being a national highlight.”

    As the Hansen family continues to shape the future of motorsports, both in rallycross and the FIA WEC, the passion and enthusiasm of Kevin Hansen are evident. With the “Battle of Technologies” on the horizon and the potential for a new city centre circuit in Coventry, the future of the WEC looks increasingly exciting for this young Swedish star.

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