Dakar Rally News: IndyCar Series Introduces Hybrid Power for 2023 Season

    (Dakar, July 2023) – The highly anticipated introduction of the IndyCar Series’ new electrical hybrid system has finally arrived, making its debut at this weekend’s Mid-Ohio event. While other racing series are exploring all-electric futures, IndyCar president Jay Frye has made it clear that the series has no plans to go down that path anytime soon.

    The new hybrid system, developed jointly by IndyCar’s engine suppliers Chevrolet and Honda, currently produces 60bhp, with the potential for increased output in the future. This hybrid technology harnesses braking energy that would otherwise be wasted, storing it in 20 supercapacitors. Drivers can then deploy this extra power via the Motor Generator Unit, providing a boost during traction events and along the straights.

    The Future of IndyCar

    When asked whether this hybrid system is the first step towards an all-electric future for the series, Frye was adamant that IndyCar’s identity lies in its fast, loud, and authentic nature. “We certainly have no aspirations of being a fully electric series,” he stated. “The hybrid program is the way to go into the future, as it is very relevant in the road car market.”

    Frye pointed to the success of Formula E as the dedicated all-electric racing series, noting that each championship has its own unique identity and niche. “We’re very comfortable with where we’re at right now and where we’re going to be in the next couple of years,” he said, hinting that the series has no immediate plans to transition to a fully electric powertrain.

    With the introduction of this new hybrid technology, the 2023 IndyCar season promises to be an exciting one for fans and enthusiasts alike. As the series continues to evolve and adapt to changing trends in the automotive industry, it remains committed to preserving its distinctive character and delivering the thrilling racing action that IndyCar is renowned for.

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