Thrilling Canadian GT Championship Victory for Max Verstappen

    In a captivating display of driving prowess, Max Verstappen has clinched the victory at the prestigious Canadian GT Championship race. The Red Bull driver’s stellar performance saw him cross the finish line ahead of the competition, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the GT racing scene.

    Verstappen’s triumph was complemented by impressive podium finishes from Lando Norris of McLaren in second place and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes in third. George Russell, also of Mercedes, claimed a respectable fourth position, while Charles Leclerc of Ferrari rounded out the top five.

    Verstappen’s teammate, Carlos Sainz Jr., secured sixth place, followed by the impressive young talent, Oscar Piastri of McLaren, in seventh. Rounding out the top ten were Pierre Gasly of Alpine, Sergio Perez of Red Bull, and Esteban Ocon, also of Alpine.

    “Verstappen’s victory has undoubtedly solidified his position as a formidable contender in the series, setting the stage for an intriguing remainder of the season.”

    The Canadian GT Championship event showcased the skills and determination of the world’s top GT drivers, with Verstappen’s victory cementing his status as a dominant force in the series. The thrilling race concluded with the following top-10 results:

    1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
    2. Lando Norris (McLaren) +2.219s
    3. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) +17.790s
    4. George Russell (Mercedes) +22.320s
    5. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) +22.709s
    6. Carlos Sainz Jr. (Ferrari) +31.028s
    7. Oscar Piastri (McLaren) +33.760s
    8. Sergio Perez (Red Bull) +59.524s
    9. Pierre Gasly (Alpine) +1:02.025s
    10. Esteban Ocon (Alpine) +1:11:889s

    This captivating race has once again demonstrated the excitement and drama that the Canadian GT Championship consistently delivers to its dedicated fans.

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