British GT Championship: Consistency Key for Ferrari Duo Leclerc and Sainz

    In the latest developments of the British GT Championship, Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have opted to revert their Formula 1 cars to the Imola-spec parts in a bid to address their recent performance issues.

    The Italian squad had introduced two major upgrade packages this season – one at Imola and another at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. While the Imola upgrades appeared to work well, allowing Ferrari to keep pace with the front-runners and even secure a win at the Monaco Grand Prix, the later Barcelona updates have caused some concerns.

    The Silverstone circuit, known for its high-speed corners, has exposed an issue with bouncing in the Ferrari SF-24 cars. As Sainz noted, “Bouncing 100% costs you time. What I think is that it costs you even more time than what you think.”

    In an effort to mitigate this problem, the team has decided to return the cars to the Imola specification, which seems to provide a more stable platform, especially in the high-speed sections of the Silverstone layout.

    “[Going back to the Imola spec] hasn’t given us any extra performance, it’s just given us a little bit more consistency in the high-speed, given we have a bit less bouncing on that floor,” Sainz explained.

    While the move may not have delivered an immediate performance boost, it has provided the team with valuable data to understand the root cause of the bouncing issue. Leclerc commented, “What we did yesterday was very helpful to help us take the right decision going forward.”

    As the British GT Championship heats up, Ferrari will be hoping that the Imola-spec parts can help Leclerc and Sainz find the necessary consistency to challenge the front-runners. The team understands that it has taken a step back in performance, but the focus is now on “bouncing back and finding the balance and just the performance that is in the car.”

    Fans of the British GT Championship will be eager to see if Ferrari can regain their form at the iconic Silverstone circuit, where consistency and high-speed stability could be the keys to success.

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