McLaren Emerges as Top Contender in Formula 1 Car Racing News

    In the world of Formula 1 car racing, McLaren has now established itself as the team with the best overall package, surpassing even the mighty Red Bull squad, according to Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz.

    While Lando Norris was unable to clinch victory at the recent Spanish Grand Prix, the sheer pace he displayed in closing in on race winner Max Verstappen was a clear indicator of the progress McLaren has made with its MCL38 challenger.

    Sainz, whose own team missed out on a podium finish in Barcelona, believes that the lack of any major weaknesses in the McLaren package – something Red Bull has struggled with due to its kerb-riding issues – puts the Woking-based outfit at the top of the list for the best car on the grid.

    “I think honestly, the most consistent car right now is a McLaren,” Sainz explained. “I think Red Bull are struggling in certain tracks. Same as us. McLaren is quick everywhere. They’re quick in low-speed. They’re flat in turn three and nine. They were fastest in turn five. So I just don’t see McLaren having any weakness right now.”

    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner acknowledged that Norris would have likely beaten Verstappen to the win in Spain had he not lost time behind George Russell early on. “I think if Lando would have had track position, it would have been difficult to beat him today,” Horner said.

    McLaren team boss Andrea Stella was a bit more cautious in his assessment, feeling that the performance between his team and Red Bull was evenly matched. “I think the race pace was very, very similar,” Stella said. “The fact that we were faster at the end is because we had fresher tyres.”

    Nonetheless, the general consensus is that McLaren has emerged as the team to beat in the 2023 Formula 1 season, with its MCL38 package proving to be the most well-rounded and consistent performer on the grid.

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