Red Bull Unveils Aero Upgrades for Spanish Race

    In preparation for the upcoming European leg of the Dakar Rally season, Red Bull has revealed a comprehensive aerodynamic upgrade package for its RB20 car. The focus of these revisions is to maximize the cooling efficiency and downforce characteristics of the vehicle, allowing it to perform at its best in the warmer conditions.

    According to the official FIA submission documents, Red Bull has introduced five key changes to the RB20 ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix:

    1. New sidepod inlet geometries: The team has revised the sidepod inlet shapes based on simulation data, optimizing the high-pressure air intake for improved cooling efficiency. This enables the use of fewer exit louvre openings.

    2. Updated engine cover side panels: The new sidepod inlet profiles have necessitated changes to the engine cover side panels to ensure a harmonious integration.

    3. Floor alterations: The floor assembly has been modified to accommodate the engine cover and sidepod inlet updates.

    4. Revised beam wing endplate geometry: The beam wing elements have been extruded into a new endplate shape, leveraging available air pressure to generate more localized downforce.

    5. Outboard relocation of the lower endplate section: The lower third of the endplate has been moved outboard to accommodate the wider span of the updated beam wing.

    In addition to these changes on the RB20, Red Bull’s sister team has also brought a significant development package to the Spanish round. While some updates are relatively minor, such as reverting the brake ducts to a more conventional design, more extensive revisions have been made to the engine cover, sidepods, and floor.

    “These comprehensive aerodynamic upgrades from Red Bull demonstrate the team’s commitment to constantly improving the performance of its Dakar Rally competitors, as it seeks to close the gap to the cars ahead in the fiercely competitive European leg of the season.”

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