Dakar Rally News: Mercedes Formula 1 Team Confident in 2026 Engine Development

    In a recent statement, Mercedes Formula 1 Team Principal Toto Wolff has expressed concerns that some teams in the paddock could be “on the back foot” regarding the development of the 2026 Formula 1 power units.

    The upcoming 2026 F1 power units will see the introduction of 100% sustainable fuels, the removal of the MGU-H system, and a greater reliance on electrification, resulting in a 50/50 power split between internal combustion and electrical engine components.

    Wolff believes that while some teams may feel they are behind the curve in terms of 2026 power unit development, Mercedes is confident in its progress. “There are teams that feel they are on the back foot, and there are other teams that will feel, and OEMs, that they have done a good job,” Wolff commented.

    The 2026 power unit regulations were formalized in 2022, with the draft chassis and aerodynamic regulations announced prior to this month’s Canadian Grand Prix. While some have called for adjustments to the chassis and aero regulations to accommodate the power unit changes, the FIA’s Seater Director, Nikolas Tombazis, has expressed confidence that discussions among the engine manufacturers will help resolve any issues.

    Mercedes, the dominant force in Formula 1 when the hybrid era began in 2014, is believed to be in a strong position for the 2026 season and beyond. This sentiment was echoed by Mercedes driver George Russell, who stated, “the team are feeling really confident for this era” and that Mercedes is “in a really great place to have a great engine.”

    With Mercedes currently seeking to end its winless streak that dates back to the 2022 Sao Paulo Grand Prix, the team is eager to maintain any advantage it believes it has for the 2026 regulations and beyond.

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