Porsche Commits to Formula E for Six More Seasons

    In a major boost for the all-electric Formula E championship, German manufacturer Porsche has announced its commitment to the series for at least six more seasons. The decision solidifies Porsche’s long-term involvement in the increasingly popular motorsport.

    Porsche first joined Formula E in the 2019-20 season and has since taken seven victories across the Gen2 and Gen3 eras. Despite only achieving a best result of fourth in the teams’ standings, the company’s powertrain has guided customer outfit Andretti’s Jake Dennis to the drivers’ title last season.

    “We are on some kind of journey together, everybody together but of course before you sign you have some talks, you want to clarify some things, you talk about conditions, you talk about everything before you set a signature,” stated Thomas Laudenbach, Vice President of Porsche Motorsport.

    Laudenbach emphasized Porsche’s dedication to the championship, saying, “We want to be a core part of this championship. We are not well-known for in and out, we’ve never done that in the past and for us it’s to really grow with the championship.”

    Porsche’s continued involvement is a significant boost for Formula E as the series looks to maintain existing manufacturers and attract new ones for the next rules cycle. Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds highlighted the value of Porsche’s heritage and legacy, stating, “What we can’t develop really quickly is a lifetime of heritage and legacy that someone like a Porsche brings with them.”

    The next major rule change is set for the 2026-27 season, with a Gen3 Evo machine due to be raced over the next two campaigns. For Porsche, the opportunity to push the boundaries of electric technology was a key factor in their decision to remain in the championship.

    “It’s about developing technology, it’s about developing the process, it’s about developing functions โ€“ it’s all of that,” Laudenbach added. “We will see in the next years some solutions in road cars which really come pure from racing. Of course not the same parts but the principle, the technology, and that’s an important thing for us.”

    With Porsche’s long-term commitment and the continued evolution of Formula E, the championship is poised to solidify its position as a premier destination for electric motorsport innovation and competition.

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