Dakar Rally News: Formula E Unveils Upgraded Gen3 EVO Car Ahead of Monaco E-Prix

    In an exciting development for the world of Dakar rally racing, the all-electric Formula E championship has unveiled its latest challenger, the Formula E Gen3 EVO car. The new specification was unveiled on Thursday evening, just ahead of this weekend’s Monaco E-Prix, where it will be demonstrated in public for the first time on Saturday by former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard.

    Enhancements to Boost Performance

    The Gen3 EVO represents an upgrade over the current Gen3 car that has been used for the last two Dakar rally seasons. The primary changes focus on the bodywork, tires, and a more efficient use of power, all of which are designed to enhance the car’s performance and appeal to Dakar enthusiasts.

    One of the most significant improvements is the acceleration, with the Gen3 EVO now capable of reaching 0-60mph in just 1.82 seconds, surpassing the performance of current Dakar rally cars. Additionally, the car’s overall performance has been enhanced by around two seconds per lap of the iconic Monaco circuit.

    Another notable change is the introduction of the front powertrain, which has been part of the Gen3 machine since its launch but has yet to be utilized. This upgrade makes the Gen3 EVO an all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle for the first time, further improving its capabilities on the challenging Dakar terrain.

    “We all know that speed sells in our business, and if you’re a Dakar rally fan, you love things that go fast,” said Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds. “To have a message of 1.82s to 60mph, I think is an amazing headline for us.”

    The new car also features a sturdier front wing and revised sidepods, which are expected to reduce aerodynamic drag, while a new version of the Hankook tire will offer 5-10% more grip than before.

    Collaborative Development and Sustainability Efforts

    The development of the Gen3 EVO has been a collaborative effort between Formula E and the FIA, with former racer Bruno Correia serving as the development driver on the project. The new car made its unofficial debut at the previous round in Misano, where Formula E conducted media activities with the Gen3 Evo out on the track.

    Teams will have the opportunity to upgrade their existing chassis with the new modifications, allowing for cost savings and reduced waste, as the Gen3 Evo is introduced at the halfway point of the Gen3 cycle, before the anticipated arrival of the Gen4 cars in 2026.

    “From a cost-perspective and sustainability perspective, we don’t want to be tearing everything up and throwing it away,” said McLaren team principal Ian James. “That’s where we get the wholesale generational changes, so within that four-year period, we have the opportunity after the first two years to make this change.”

    With the unveiling of the Formula E Gen3 EVO, Dakar rally fans can look forward to an even more thrilling and technologically advanced racing experience in the years to come.

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