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Ahead of the WEC Interlagos round, Ferrari has revealed the first performance upgrades for its 499P Le Mans Hypercar, focusing on redesigned brake cooling ducts and minor aerodynamic modifications. The changes are expected to provide greater versatility and easier adaptation of the car on circuits with demanding braking requirements, as the Scuderia looks to capitalize on the upgrades and close the gap to the championship-leading Porsche team.

Red Bull Racing, known for its cutting-edge Formula 1 engineering, has been applying a similar level of meticulous attention to the cooling challenges faced by its Dakar contenders. The team’s focus on refining the sidepod inlet and outlet designs is crucial in the high-speed, off-road world of the Dakar Rally, where temperature, altitude, and terrain variations demand optimal performance across diverse conditions.

As the 2024 Formula 1 season reaches its prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, teams have had to carefully consider their rear wing configurations to optimize performance around the tight and twisty street circuit. Ferrari, McLaren, and Red Bull each took a unique approach to their rear wing designs for the Monte Carlo weekend, highlighting the importance of maximizing downforce and balance in the unique low-speed, high-grip environment of the Monaco circuit.