Formula 1 Spotlight: Teams’ Rear Wing Strategies for the Monaco Grand Prix

    As the 2024 Formula 1 season reaches its prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, teams have had to carefully consider their rear wing configurations to optimize performance around the tight and twisty street circuit.

    Ferrari, McLaren, and Red Bull, the three teams battling at the front of the grid, each took a unique approach to their rear wing designs for the Monte Carlo weekend.

    Ferrari’s high-downforce rear wing featured a revised tip section, with a flatter and wider profile to alter the position of the vortex shed from the surface. The mainplane and top flap also took up more of the allowable space within the regulations, resulting in a tighter radius where the mainplane meets the endplate.

    McLaren, on the other hand, prepared a brand-new high-downforce rear and beam wing configuration for the Monaco Grand Prix. The upper flap and mainplane were less curved across their span, with a tighter radius employed where the mainplane meets the endplate. The beam wing also featured a two-piece layout with inverse tapering in the outer portions to reduce drag.

    Red Bull, known for its meticulous approach to downforce management, brought a high-downforce rear wing arrangement specifically for the Monaco event. The upper flap and mainplane filled out more of the available space within the regulations, with the mainplane’s leading edge turned upward and wider in the middle, creating a tighter radius at the endplate.

    The teams’ strategies highlight the importance of maximizing downforce and balance in the unique low-speed, high-grip environment of the Monaco circuit. With the championship fight so close, every team knew they could not hold back and had to go all-in with their Monaco-specific rear wing configurations to extract the maximum performance from their cars.

    As the action unfolds on the streets of the Principality, fans and enthusiasts will be closely watching to see how these bespoke rear wing designs impact the on-track battles and the outcome of the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix.

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