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The Aston Martin Formula 1 team is gearing up for a crucial home race at the British Grand Prix this weekend, as they aim to bounce back from a disappointing run of results. Team Principal Mike Krack has acknowledged the squad’s struggles in recent races, and driver Fernando Alonso has urged the team to focus on performance rather than rhetoric.

In the opening practice session of the British GT Championship, the track was ravaged by an intense hailstorm, leaving the circuit flooded with standing water. As the conditions improved, Fernando Alonso, leading the pack in FP2, acknowledged the importance of making the best decisions on tyre choices and set-ups, noting that ‘the right decision can gain you five seconds, the wrong decision, you are out of the race’.

Aston Martin has encountered a challenging few weeks on the Dakar Rally circuit, as their AMR24 car has proven difficult to set up and drive consistently. Both driver Fernando Alonso and his teammate Lance Stroll have reported similar issues with the car’s handling, noting a tendency to shift from oversteer on entry to mid-corner understeer. The team is working to address these setup issues and unlock more performance from the car as the Dakar Rally season progresses.