Extreme H Unveils Pioneer 25 Hydrogen Racer for 2025 Debut

    In a significant development for the world of off-road motorsports, the organizers of the Extreme H series have unveiled their latest creation – the Pioneer 25 hydrogen-powered race car. The announcement comes as the series prepares to transition from the current all-electric Extreme E platform to the hydrogen-fueled Extreme H in 2025.

    Designed by Spark Racing Technology, the same company behind the popular Spark ODYSSEY 21 used in Extreme E, the Pioneer 25 boasts an impressive set of specifications. Measuring in at 6 metres long, 1.9 metres wide, and 2.4 metres tall, the new racer weighs a hefty 2,200 kilograms, a notable increase from the 1,650 kg ODYSSEY 21.

    Powertrain and Performance

    Under the hood, the Pioneer 25 is powered by a 50-litre hydrogen fuel cell provided by Symbio, capable of delivering 75 kW of output. This power is then relayed to a 325 kW battery pack from Fortescue ZERO. The new setup allows the Pioneer 25 to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, on par with its all-electric predecessor.

    “We’ve learnt a lot from the ODYSSEY 21, which we have carried forwards, but it’s an all-new chassis and a purpose-built racing car for the hydrogen fuel cell,” commented series technical director Mark Grain. “We wanted the racing to be more intense and we wanted the race cars to be faster.”

    Chassis and Design

    The Extreme H Pioneer 25 features a tubular space frame chassis with composite impact structures, double wishbone suspension, and FOX shock absorbers – a significant upgrade from the ODYSSEY 21. The driver’s seat has also been repositioned to the centre of the vehicle, while the bodywork and lighting have been modified to resemble production vehicles more closely.

    “We’ve demonstrated EVs can cope with very harsh environments and racing in hard conditions in Extreme E, so moving to Extreme H is a natural progression,” added Grain. “We want to demonstrate to the world that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can be exciting, they can be rugged and they can be very robust.”

    The new Pioneer 25 completed its first test in December 2022, a year after the Extreme H concept was first unveiled. The series is scheduled to debut in 2025, with plans to become an FIA World Championship by 2026.

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