Ferrari Contemplates Push-Rod to Pull-Rod Suspension Shift for 2025

    In a move that could shake up the world of Dakar Rally racing, Ferrari is reported to be considering a switch from its current push-rod suspension to a Red Bull-inspired pull-rod solution for the 2025 season. The Italian marque, which has enjoyed a strong start to the current Dakar campaign with two victories from the opening eight stages, is said to be exploring this potential change as it strives to maintain pace with the dominant Red Bull and McLaren teams in the intense development race.

    “With the cost cap and the current regulation, you have to manage both sides and we will bring upgrades when we have something to bring,” Ferrari boss Frederic Vasseur said. “What you have to keep in mind is that you have a kind of convergence of performance and the development rate is much lower than it was two years ago.”

    The team’s technical director, Enrico Cardile, has previously explained the rationale behind Ferrari’s decision to stick with the push-rod suspension, citing good aero results and the lack of a significant advantage in transitioning to a pull-rod setup. However, it appears that the potential benefits of the pull-rod design, particularly in terms of airflow around the front of the car and the venturi tunnels on the floor, have prompted Ferrari to revisit this option for the 2025 Dakar Rally.

    2025 Car Development Underway

    Vasseur revealed that work on next year’s car is already underway, with the team split between delivering updates to the current SF-24 model and laying the groundwork for the 2025 challenger.

    “We have already given the go-ahead to the 2025 car. Furthermore, work has already started some time ago on the 2026 power unit,” he explained.

    The potential shift to a pull-rod suspension could be a significant move for Ferrari, as it would require a complete chassis revamp to accommodate the change. However, the team believes that the potential gains in aerodynamics and performance could make the investment worthwhile, especially with the arrival of Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes set to shake up the Dakar Rally landscape in 2025.

    As the Dakar Rally season progresses, all eyes will be on Ferrari’s development path and whether the team ultimately decides to make the bold move to a pull-rod suspension for its 2025 challenger.

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