Extreme Hydrogen Unveils Groundbreaking Pioneer 25 Hydrogen Racer

    London, UK – In a historic moment for motorsports, Extreme Hydrogen has unveiled the Pioneer 25, the first-ever hydrogen-powered race car, at a launch event held on the iconic Tower Bridge in London. The unveiling took place aboard the championship’s transport vessel, the St. Helena, which was moored alongside the HMS Belfast on the River Thames.

    Extreme Hydrogen, formerly known as Extreme E, has made a bold move to become the first FIA-certified championship to transition to hydrogen fuel cell technology starting in the 2025 season. This pioneering decision aligns with the series’ long-standing commitment to promoting sustainable solutions and raising awareness of climate-related issues through motorsport.

    “We are incredibly proud to introduce the world to the first hydrogen racing car and the Extreme Hydrogen series,” said Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme Hydrogen. “Fans can expect the same excitement with faster and more intense racing on track, but this launch is not just about a new vehicle; it’s about pioneering the future of sustainable motorsport.”

    The launch of the Pioneer 25 marks a significant milestone in the championship’s evolution. The all-new chassis designed by Spark Racing Technology and Symbio has been engineered to harness the power and torque of hydrogen fuel cell technology, promising an even more thrilling and intense racing experience for fans.

    “Venturing into hydrogen is a really exciting prospect for our series,” said Carlos Sainz, co-founder of ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team, who was present at the unveiling. “Hydrogen has a pivotal role to play on both the road and in racing, so Extreme Hydrogen will be a key stepping stone into what the future of driving will look like.”

    Mark Grain, Technical Director at Extreme Hydrogen, highlighted the advancements made with the Pioneer 25, stating, “We’ve learned a lot from the ODYSSEY 21, which we have carried forwards, but it’s an all-new chassis and a purpose-built racing car for the hydrogen fuel cell. The all-new suspension geometry with driver-adjustable shock absorbers from FOX provides a great platform for the power and torque that’s going to be available to the drivers.”

    The public will have a chance to witness the Pioneer 25 in action at Extreme Hydrogen’s next event, the Hydro X Prix in Scotland on July 13-14, 2024, where the 2025 teams are set to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

    As the world of motorsport continues to embrace sustainable technologies, Extreme Hydrogen’s pioneering move to hydrogen fuel cell racing represents a significant step forward in the journey towards a greener future for the sport. Fans and enthusiasts of Formula E, Dakar, GT, and British GT can look forward to the thrilling prospect of hydrogen-powered racing at the highest level.

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