In the fast-paced world of Formula 1, the qualifying sessions are where the true battle for grid positions unfolds. regularly publishes the qualifying records of each team, showcasing the team-mate duels that have unfolded throughout the season.

    These records are based solely on the qualifying results, ensuring that any grid penalties do not alter the statistics. When a driver is unable to complete a representative lap time due to technical issues or incidents, this information is duly noted in the tables.

    Let’s dive into the latest qualifying records:

    Red Bull

    Max Verstappen has maintained a dominant 15-0 lead over teammate Sergio Perez, further cementing his position as the team’s qualifying pacesetter. Verstappen’s average qualifying gap to Perez has been just 0.379 seconds.


    The battle between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell has seen the latter take a 12-3 lead in the qualifying duels. Russell has consistently outpaced his more experienced teammate, with an average gap of 0.192 seconds.


    Charles Leclerc holds an 8-6 advantage over Carlos Sainz in their qualifying battles, showcasing the fierce competition within the Scuderia. Leclerc’s average qualifying margin over Sainz stands at 0.174 seconds.


    Lando Norris has established a commanding 11-4 lead over rookie teammate Oscar Piastri, with an average gap of 0.188 seconds between the two drivers.

    Aston Martin

    Fernando Alonso has managed to edge out Lance Stroll in their qualifying duels by an 8-7 margin, demonstrating the experienced Spaniard’s prowess over his Canadian teammate.


    The qualifying records at Alpine have been closely contested, with Esteban Ocon holding a 10-5 advantage over Pierre Gasly.


    Alexander Albon has been the dominant force in qualifying, leading his rookie teammate Logan Sargeant by a 12-2 margin.

    Red Bull’s junior team, AlphaTauri, has seen Yuki Tsunoda maintain a 10-5 lead over the returning Daniel Ricciardo in their qualifying battles.

    At Sauber, Valtteri Bottas has firmly established his authority over Zhou Guanyu, leading the qualifying duels by a 13-2 margin.

    The Haas pairing of Nico Hülkenberg and Kevin Magnussen has seen the German driver take a 10-5 lead in their qualifying duels.

    These team-mate qualifying records provide valuable insights into the dynamics within each Formula 1 team, showcasing the intense competition and level of performance that drivers must strive for to secure the best grid positions.

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