IndyCar’s Hybrid Era Kicks Off at Mid-Ohio with Innovative Lighting System

    The IndyCar Series ushered in a new era of electrified racing at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, as the much-anticipated hybrid engine made its on-track debut. Arrow McLaren, at the forefront of this technological evolution, has introduced a creative lighting system in the cockpit to assist drivers in monitoring the state of charge (SOC) of the hybrid system.

    The current 2.2-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 internal combustion engine is now paired with a 48V Motor Generator Unit (MGU) and a supercapacitor Energy Storage System (ESS), resulting in a combined output of over 800 horsepower. The seamless integration of regeneration and deployment of this hybrid power has presented new challenges for drivers to manage during the race.

    “It’s been fun to do. It’s fun that people have kind of noticed it,” said Gavin Ward. “I know the guys that worked on it should feel proud of themselves. It’s fun when you get those opportunities to show some innovation and some clever thinking.”

    Pato O’Ward, who will start second in the No. 5 Arrow McLaren Chevrolet, praised the new system, likening it to having an “extra spotter” to monitor the hybrid performance throughout the lap.

    “It’s just an extra kind of something to fall back on if you’re going through something โ€“ especially in a race scenario when you’ve got a lot more things going on,” O’Ward explained.

    While the defending race winner, Chip Ganassi Racing’s Alex Palou, expressed some reservations about the system, he acknowledged the potential benefits of having greater visibility into the hybrid powertrain’s status.

    As the IndyCar paddock continues to adapt to this new era of hybridized motorsport, the innovative approach taken by Arrow McLaren has set the tone for what is sure to be an exciting development in the series’ technology. The team is already exploring further enhancements, including the possibility of integrating a “Knight Rider” feature when the car is powered down.

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