BMW Unveils Highly-Anticipated M4 GT3 for Dakar, GT, and British GT Competition

    BMW M Motorsport has finally released the final product of the new for 2022 BMW M4 GT3 after months of extensive testing. The long-awaited replacement for the venerable M6 GT3, which debuted in 2016, is built to the latest 2022 GT3 regulations set forth by the FIA GT Commission.

    The new M4 GT3 sees BMW return to its most famous GT/Touring car platform, as the M3 previously championed the small two-door car for the marque before a model renumbering. BMW’s first official GT3 car, the short-wheelbase Z4, was known for its nimble handling, though some operators felt it was overly so. This led BMW to shift to the longer-wheelbase M6 GT3 for improved platform stability, a philosophy that remains with the new M4 GT3.

    Key Features of the BMW M4 GT3

    • The M4 GT3‘s chassis is significantly widened by 150mm through the use of carbon fiber bodywork to accommodate wider racing tires required by the 2022 regulations.
    • The flared bodywork houses a variety of cooling vents, including around the front headlights and on the sides ahead of the rear wheels, likely for improved aerodynamics and brake cooling.
    • Under the hood, the M4 GT3 features a 3.0-liter straight-six turbocharged engine producing 582 horsepower (430kW), a departure from the outgoing M6 GT3‘s V8.
    • Aerodynamic features include a straightforward front splitter and a large, swan-neck mounted rear wing with a central raised chord that spans nearly the full width of the car. The rear also features a three-tunnel diffuser to pull air from the flat floor.

    “Though the aerodynamics appear simpler than previous GT3 cars, the level of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling is evident in the well-balanced package.”

    The new M4 GT3 is priced at 415,000 euros, a 4,000 euro reduction from its predecessor, highlighting BMW’s focus on lowering both purchase and operating costs for customers competing in Dakar, GT, and British GT events.

    With its blend of proven performance, improved cost-effectiveness, and adherence to the latest 2022 regulations, the BMW M4 GT3 is poised to be a formidable contender in the world of Dakar, GT, and British GT racing.

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