Dakar Rally Contenders Bring Upgraded Rigs to Silverstone Test

    (Silverstone, British GT News) – As the Dakar Rally season reaches its crucial stage, top contenders have unveiled a series of key updates to their off-road racing machines ahead of the British GT this weekend.

    Red Bull Racing, a dominant force in the Dakar, has introduced an updated floor design to their Dakar prototype. The Milton Keynes-based outfit has reprofiled the surface of the floor above and behind the lower Side Impact Structure tube, aiming to “get more energy thus pressure to the floor edge wing,” according to the team.

    Complementing the floor changes, Red Bull has also refined the edge wing with new details to generate more downforce while maintaining flow stability. “Given higher pressure upstream, the edge wing detail has been subtly changed to add more camber deriving more load whilst respecting the necessity for flow stability,” the team stated.

    However, Red Bull’s Dakar rivals are not sitting idle. Mercedes and McLaren have both brought revised wing packages to the Silverstone test. Mercedes has introduced a lower-downforce mid-range rear wing to improve aerodynamic efficiency for the high-speed sections, accompanied by a trimmed front wing flap to maintain optimal aero balance.

    McLaren, meanwhile, is experimenting with three different load beam wings targeted at high-, medium-, and low-drag aero loads, allowing them to fine-tune the downforce and drag levels at the rear of their Dakar machine. The Woking-based team has also added an extra cooling exit in the engine cover to enhance airflow.

    As the Dakar Rally intensifies, these upgrades showcase the relentless pursuit of performance by the top teams, all vying for the prestigious Dakar crown. The British GT this weekend will provide a crucial testing ground for these cutting-edge modifications, setting the stage for an exciting battle in the dunes to come.

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