British GT News: Haas F1 Team Unveils Extensive Upgrades for Silverstone

    Haas F1 Team has introduced a comprehensive list of upgrades for the upcoming Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The team’s 2024 challenger will feature seven key changes, with the focus on improving the car’s overall performance and addressing specific characteristics through corner balance.

    Most Significant Modifications

    • Revised floor body and new sidepod inlet geometry, which have triggered a series of additional changes.
    • Floor updates designed to generate more aerodynamic load, leading to further alterations to the floor fences, floor edge, and the lower quadraplane in the rear corner.
    • Revised inlet geometry on the sidepods, aiming to enhance airflow toward the rear of the car with a longer, higher lip. This change has prompted modifications to the overall shape and structure of the sidepods, as well as the mirror stay.

    “Our upgrade is still really just putting an overall performance of the car, knowing that certain characteristics through corner balance we need to improve,” said Haas Formula 1 Team Principal Ayao Komatsu. “So, if everything works, we should have addressed that here, but we’ll see with the real car on the track.”

    Haas currently sits 7th in the Constructors’ standings, just 11 points behind 6th-placed RB. The team is determined to continue its upward trajectory and is eyeing a potential move up the championship positions.

    “[The] mindset in terms of a sporting team is to improve on championship position,” Komatsu added. “So, when it’s only 11 points to P6, of course we go for it, anything can happen.”

    Other Teams’ Upgrades

    • Red Bull has made minor tweaks to the floor body and floor edge on its RB20.
    • McLaren has brought a lower downforce rear wing and multiple beam wing configurations.
    • Mercedes has focused on low-drag configurations for both the front and rear wings, along with adjustments to the front brake cooling.
    • Aston Martin has adjusted the front wing twist distribution and introduced a twin-element arrangement in the rear corner to improve wheel wake management.
    • Sauber has also brought an alternate trim of the floor fences on its C44 F1 machine.

    As the Formula 1 circus heads to Silverstone, the battle for performance and championship positions is set to intensify, with Haas leading the charge with its comprehensive upgrade package.

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