Jaguar Celebrates 100-Race Milestone in Formula E, Committed to Electric Racing Future

    In a significant announcement made ahead of this weekend’s Monaco E-Prix, the British manufacturer Jaguar has confirmed its long-term commitment to the Formula E championship. The decision comes as the team celebrates reaching its 100-race milestone earlier this year in Tokyo.

    Jaguar’s maiden entry into the all-electric series in 2016 marked the brand’s return to single-seater racing after a hiatus since its departure from Formula 1 in 2004. Over the course of its time in Formula E, the team has amassed an impressive tally of 13 race wins and two second-place finishes in the teams’ standings.

    “I’m proud that since we started in 2016 we’ve built an amazing team which is highly capable, which is competitive, fighting for race wins and championships in a true world championship,” said Jaguar team principal James Barclay. “This is our Formula 1. We’re an all-electric car company in the future from 2025 and this is the pinnacle of electric racing so the fit is perfect.”

    The team’s powertrain has also proved successful, with customer outfit Envision claiming the teams’ title last season. This year, Jaguar currently leads the standings as the championship approaches the halfway point.

    Barclay emphasized the team’s long-term vision and commitment to building motorsport back into the DNA of the Jaguar brand. “The ingredients are all there and together with Formula E and the FIA we’ve committed to try and put those ingredients together in the right way to really fulfil the potential of this championship,” he added.

    The announcement comes as Nissan became the first team to commit to the upcoming Gen4 ruleset, which is set to be introduced in the 2026 season. The new regulations will see a significant increase in power output, reaching up to 600kW, as well as a greater focus on aerodynamics.

    Jaguar’s continued involvement in Formula E aligns with the brand’s transition towards an all-electric future, set to commence in 2025. The team’s performance and dedication to the championship have positioned it as a key player in the evolution of electric motorsport, making this announcement a significant milestone in its journey.

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